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We provide a variety of services to help individuals and small businesses to form an online presence and to make best use of their websites.   We can provide internet marketing videos to promote your business, coaching & tuition in basic online skills, and many other services.

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Aviation Video Marketing

Captain Rigby needed commissioned a video for promoting his company, Flight Simulators Midlands. The script was written and the video produced in a matter of days. Captain Rigby now used the video to promote FSM on YouTube, on the company website, and in social media. He has now ordered a second video to cover the Fear of Flying course that his company offers to nervous flyers.

"Excellent production with no hassle from our end. Highly recommend to anyone wishing to promote their business."

Captain Chris Rigby Chief Pilot / MD

Supply of websites

Redspan furnished us with three websites and all of the social media trappings that go with them so we needed to be coaxed away from our pencils and paper and into the modern communications space.

Ben has been very patient and tolerant during numerous conference calls over the past few months and I think we have made great progress thanks to his efforts.

We have retained Redspan for hosting and I am sure we will be calling on Ben’s expertise again soon.

Jo Gillespie Owner, Gates Aviation

Business Handover Process

Redspan Solutions helped us immensely during a business handover process, setting out the requirements and systematically working through the list of actions.

Ben then proceeded to patiently coach us in the use of various web and social media platforms; which is no mean feat given our entry level knowledge!

It was a pleasure to work with Ben, due to his professional yet approachable style which is backed up by his knowledge of the business.

Highly recommended!

Jim Mulvaney Owner, Wessex Aerial Photography

Social Media Marketing Services

We weren’t doing much with social media as a business. Ben approached us to look after our accounts and we have been very happy with what he has done for us.

It’s very easy to concentrate on ‘other areas’ and let social media marketing take a back seat.

Having Ben as a very flexible, easy to engage with partner has made a real difference. Thanks Ben!

Ed Brooks Founder, ProfitSourcery

Website Administration

We used Redspan Solutions for eight years and always had an excellent and prompt service.

Ben is a joy to deal with and very good about the fact he’s dealing with two non-technological whizzes who need everything explained in words of one syllable…

All in all, excellent.

Jo Fairley Owner, The Beauty Bible

Website Construction

Just a quick note to say how delighted I am at the service Redspan Solutions have provided me with over the last few years.

As you know your company built my website and I’ve been very pleased with the results.

Thanks to the site I have received new orders and it continues to generate enquiries.

Please keep up the good work.

Jem Musselwhite Chartered Building Engineer & Surveyor

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