Cisco 800 Series Routers

The Cisco 800 series routers are designed for small to medium sized businesses who need WAN connectivity for offices and other locations.  These might require internet access or they could be spoke or satellite sites that form part of a VPN.  This could be a regional, international, or even a global network.  They are also used by solo workers who need to connect to the wider VPN.

The Cisco 800 Series features include:

  • The WAN connection can be xDSL, Ethernet, 3G and 4G, or fibre
  • Can be configured for Voice and/or Video as well as Data
  • Range of security options including Firewall, VPN, Encryption
  • Small footprint, no fan (so no fan noise)

Cisco 860 Series

  • Best for SOHO connections where are 1-10 users
  • Small, compact, desktop, fan-less
  • Affordable WAN connectivity
  • Can be configured to include WiFI for the LAN

Cisco 880 Series

  • Best for solo workers and SOHO sites of up to 20 users
  • WAN redundancy provided by 3G
  • Supports telephony services from local PBX
  • Enhanced security, voice, and Wifi options

Cisco 810 Series

  • Designed for machine to machine applications such as ATMs
  • Selection of form factors and footprints
  • Low power consumption, compact, lightweight
  • Dual SIM option for multi homing support

Cisco 890 Series

  • Ideal for MSF (Managed Service Provider) sites and branch offices of up to 50 users
  • Supports many applications simultaneously
  • Up to 8 GigabitEthernet ports
  • Option fibre connection
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