Affiliate marketing is one of those online business ideas that is suitable for all kinds of ventures; from part time solo workers who are looking for a second income to full time businesses with larger budgets.  Our Affiliate Marketing for Beginners session will get you started and have you ready to earn commissions as quickly as possible.

Affiliate marketing is ideal for those who are looking something to do while working from home as well as for existing businesses who want to capitalise on their presence within a niche market. The principle is very simple; the aim is to persuade internet users to visit a page through a specific and unique link and if they subsequently make a purchase having clicked through that link then you earn some commission on that purchase.  The price is the same to the buyer whether they buy through your link or another so there is no additional charge to the customer.

There are tens of thousands of e-commerce merchants who sell every product and service imaginable and they seek to market those products and services by enlisting affiliates who promote their offerings to a wider audience through the use of niche blogs and websites and through social media.

It’s a low risk business which is scalable and which has an unlimited earning potential.  However, it can be confusing and bewildering if you’re not familiar with all the terminology and methods used to generate the traffic.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

The trick to success with affiliate marketing is the ability to generate big enough volumes of the right kind of traffic. This doesn’t mean to say you have to create the busiest and most popular site in your chosen niche. It means you have to attract visitors who hang around long enough on the site to perhaps become curious enough to click links to products and service you display.

Think of it in terms of the sales funnel in which most people are looking for information and reviews and are not necessarily ready to buy. If these types of visitors land on your site they may trigger a cookie that records their visit and which therefore means a commission is generated if they return to the site and click a link within a given time.

It also means you have to attract site visitors and browsers who learn to trust your site. To do that you have to become an authority in your chosen niche. People will start to regard your site as a trustworthy site if they can see that it contains useful and accurate information.

This can take time to develop – months more than weeks – so you can see that affiliate marketing from the ground up is a long game and you have to be prepared to commit to it, take some risks, and reap the rewards later.

If you already have a site devoted to a specific subject or niche then the basic work is already done. What you need to do next is expand on it with fresh content and add discrete and appropriate affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Coaching

Spend an hour with us and we’ll walk you through the basic steps:

  • Choosing a suitable niche for your website or blog
  • Choosing the right affiliate network
  • Adding links in the optimal positions on your site
  • WordPress plugins for affiliates
  • Datafeed and automated processes
  • Keeping your website populated with fresh data
  • Monitoring progress and making use of reports

Contact us to enquire about Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Price:  £45 per hour.

I was not very computer literate but Ben was very supportive and helped me immensely. If ever I had a query Ben would answer very quickly (even when he was on holiday!) and gave me detailed responses. ~ Erica Joyce,