How are bookings at your flight school or flying club?  Is the marketing of your aviation related business producing the response you had hoped for?  Would some aviation marketing videos help?

YouTube is now the second biggest search engine after Google and millions of people use it every hour of every day to search for information, demonstrations, and entertainment.

Flying Club Introductory Video

A short 4-5 minute introductory video about your flying club or flight school would remain in place on YouTube indefinitely.  It would be an advertisement that could generate leads for as long as you like. It can be embedded in your website, uploaded to your Facebook page, and shared in social media.

Here’s an example of the format of such a video that we can make for you:

Aviation Marketing Video Options

  • The script can be compiled from your existing website content or written to suit
  • The images can be ones that you supply or general aviation and commercial stock images
  • The narration can be male or female
  • The accent can be British, American, or Australian
  • Short video clips can be added
  • The video will be optimised for searches on YouTube giving it the best chance of being found by direct searches and by the ‘related videos’ process

Why YouTube is the preferred choice

It’s very easy to build websites but as ever business owner knows it’s much more difficult to  bring it to the attention of your target audience.

Adding fresh and relevant content while optimising it for the search engines is good practice and may produce results from organic searches.  Another option is PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing in Google, Bing, or Facebook.

The advantages of using YouTube include:

  • The video may be found in both Google and YouTube itself
  • YouTube may suggest the video to viewers while they look at another
  • A narrated video allows the viewer to listen while attending to other tasks
  • Web users prefer to hear and watch rather than read pages of text
  • YouTube videos encourage user interaction in the form of comments
  • YouTube videos are frequently shared by viewers thus expanding their reach

Here is an example of an aviation video that we created that’s had over 100,000 views:

Aviation Videos Made By An Aviator

The examples above and many more like them are made by Ben Lovegrove who has experience of both manned and unmanned aviation. He obtained a PPL and started a drone business and has created videos designed to pass on his knowledge.

If you would like to discuss making a video for your aviation business then get in touch and let’s discuss how we can generate new leads for your business.

Prices start at £199 (ex VAT) for a 5 minute video (approx) compiled and narrated in the format you see above.