Cisco Routers and Switches

Cisco Systems Inc. is the first company that most people consider as the world leader when it comes to IP networking products. Cisco routers and switches not only power the vast majority of the Internet, company LANs, and campus networks, but also their support services are also second to none.

Cisco Routers and Switches

Throughout the IT industry there are many thousands of individuals who have been the Cisco certification process and the CCIE certification is probably the most coveted among engineers and employers alike. When you buy a Cisco support package you can be sure that the personnel who deal with your case will be trained to standards befitting a global company with such a reputation. When you have built a business that relies on an IT infrastructure you want to be sure that you’re using the best possible products for your business needs and budget, and Cisco is the brand that companies choose again and again. They set the standard that others aim to match.

However, the variety of products Cisco now manufactures, the features and complexities of each, and all the variations in software mean that there is a vast amount of configurations that can be produced.  Consequently, there are all kinds of problems that can result from misconfigurations and the unforeseen consequences in network design.

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