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Redspan Solutions Ltd
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Drone Major Group

Ben has provided a number of videos for us, all of which have been of the highest quality. However, what sets Ben aside is the level of service that he provides. Always available, very responsive and extremely professional. Thank you Ben from all at Drone Major Group, we love working with you.

Robert Garbett, CEO, Drone Major Group

Bristol Watch Company

Ben made a fantastic promotional video for us! He did it quickly and with minimal input. He innately understands how to convey the attributes of your product or company in a very positive professional manner. I would highly recommend giving him a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Greg Youngs, Founder, Bristol Watch Company

We used Redspan Solutions for eight years and always had an excellent and prompt service. Ben is a joy to deal with and very good about the fact he’s dealing with two non-technological whizzes who need everything explained in words of one syllable. All in all, excellent.

Jo Sams, co-Founder, Beauty Bible

Very happy with Ben’s work to build the website, help me manage it and provide the great videos promoting it. I will be commissioning more. He’s a steady chap, easy to listen to, who is responsive and able with good advice who understands aviation – so the right person for it, and reasonable with his prices.

Charles Luffman, Owner, Luffships