Most websites need to be fed with new content in order for them to gain or retain their ranking which is why we offer content writing services for clients who needs new content but who don’t have the time or resources to write it themselves.

How many times have you heard it said that content is king? It’s still true but it’s not enough to write 750 words and throw it into a website with no further thought. It needs to be tailored and optimised for your target keywords.

For a start, 750 words is minimal. Ideally your articles should contain 1,500-3,000 words so that it demonstrates a potentional authority to the search engine algorithms.

It also needs to be laid out in such a way that it’s easy to read on all platforms; mobile, desktop, and tablet. Headings need to be added and these too should be part of your SEO strategy. The article or post should contain at least one image, preferably more, with the requisite ‘alt’ tags added.

  • Have you got the time to do this all yourself?
  • Have you got the resources in your team or organisation to arrange this?

If the answer is ‘no’ then we’re on hand to help.

Redspan’s Content Writing Services

Redspan’s content writing services are really very simply to arrange. All you have to do is answer these seven questions and we’ll get to work.

  1. Is this an article or a blog post?
  2. Where (on which website) will it be published?
  3. What keywords or phrases would you like the article to focus upon?
  4. What style would you like the content to be written in?
  5. How many words should it contain (to the nearest 100)?
  6. Will you supply the images or would you like us to find some for you?
  7. Do you have a deadline? If so, let us know.

Once the content is written for you we’ll give you the chance to review it and to request any tweaks or changes. The finished copy can then be supplied to you in a format of your choosing. You can then either publish it yourself or pass it on to your webmaster for publication.

For a small additional fee we can add it to your WordPress website. Bespoke websites using custom code can sometimes require more time so the fee is proportional to this task.

You may be quite capable of doing all this yourself but do you have the time? Isn’t this one of those tasks that is best outsourced in order that you can save time that can be spent on more productive tasks? Businesses hire PAs an virtual assistants to save them time, not because the business staff are incapable of performing those tasks.

A steady stream of fresh content, even if it’s just one article per month, will keep your website fresh and give it the best chance of beating your competitors in the ranking for those all important keywords.

Guide Prices For Content Writing Services

250 Words – £30.00 / Approx $42.00
500 Words – £60.00 / Approx $85.00
750 Words – £84.00 / Approx $119.00
1000 Words – £112.00 / Approx $160.00
1500 Words – £168.00 / Approx $238.00
2000 Words – £224.00 / Approx $318.00

Content To Video Option

You can also choose to have the content turned into a video. If you select Redspan to arrange for this content for you then we can use it to create the script for a video and give you a discount for the production.

The combination of the printed article and a video will give the content the best chance of ranking for the chosen keywords. A correctly optimised video to compliment the article or blog post generates a lot of google juice that alerts the search engine’s algorithms to take notice of both.

We’ve seen this happen with our content and videos. The article alone does reasonably well but if we create a video version of it the ranking can increase significantly.

Of course, the video needs to be optimised correctly with the right title, tags, description, and other tweaks but we’ll take care of all that for you.