SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, can be tedious. As a business or shop owner, or as a sole trader, all you want from a website is for it to work for you, to create new customers and generate sales, to bring you leads, to showcase what you have to sell and the services you can provide.

You want to concentrate on what you do best; selling your products and providing your services.

You don’t want to be faffing about with website code and SEO checklists.

So don’t worry about SEO. Let me help you with that chore instead. I’ll do something for you for free with no strings attached.

Send me your website address and I’ll conduct an SEO audit. I’ll then create a free report which you can then pass on to anyone else to get any changes done or ignore it completely.

All you have to do is submit your website address and your email so that I know where to send the free report.

Remember, this is free and unconditional so you have nothing to lose!

I’ll send you a free SEO audit report that will explain in plain English which parts of your website need attention.

And if the report isn’t clear then simply reply to the email with any questions.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion.  Tell us about your business and we’d be glad to explain who an SEO audit can help improve your website’s performance in the search engines.