Free SEO eBook Course In Search Engine Optimisation

Anyone who has built a commercial website or paid someone to build one for them has had to tackle the problem of how to attract traffic to that site in order to make sales and sell products and services. 

Sooner or later they discover that it’s possible to pay for advertising in one form or another, or spend the budget on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with the intention of making their site rank high enough for certain search terms that they attract traffic (visitors) through search engines.  This free SEO ebook explains the basics.

Website visitors are potential customers so if the site attracts enough visitors and the site is well designed then the desired result should manifest. You can pay SEO consultants to optimise your site for you or you can do it yourself. If you pay someone else it can become very expensive and you may lose control of the project.

If, like me, you’ve learned the basics through trial and error and have expended a lot of effort in the process then you’ll probably be glad to know that there’s a free book which explains the process of SEO in a step by step fashion and which is so easy to follow that almost anyone can learn something from it that will help their site rank better and make their business grow.

There is a vast amount of information, discussion, tips and advice out there on the web, and sometimes it can not only be overwhelming but some of it is even contradictory. Here at last then is a book which explains the subject in a step by step methodical manner. Beneath each page is a comments area in which someone has probably already asked the questions you may think of and the answers are provided by the author, Dan Richmond.

As you progress through the book you can try out all the techniques and very soon you’ll develop the feeling that you’re at last in control of your site’s SEO project, and that it is no longer a haphazard affair based on hearsay found in a webmaster’s forum.

Did I mention that this is a free SEO book? There’s no catch, no mailing list that emails you every week, just plenty of good advice. The author explains each stage of the process and will recommend both freely available tools and methods as well as his company’s own SEO tools, but you always have a choice between which you decide to use.

However, as even the commercial tools have evaluation versions it’s worth trying them out so that you can see first hand that they are by far the quickest and most efficient method of researching keywords, auditing sites, checking the ranking, and creating backlinks to your sites.

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