Garden Wildlife Cameras

Garden wildlife cameras can capture images and video of both wild and domestic mammals that visit (and sometimes damage or despoil) a garden. The same type of camera has a host of other uses around the home and garden and can serve the same purpose as a home video security system. The modern garden wildlife camera is simple to use and offers great flexibility for the user.

How it Works

An outdoor wireless garden camera captures the image and either stores it on an SD card or transmits it via  your WiFi network to your home PC or storage device. where it can be retrieved for viewing and processing.  It is also possible to configure the settings so that you can see the camera’s view over the internet. This allows the homeowner to monitor the home from work or other locations where they have internet access. As you might expect with electronics of this kind, the price increases in proportion to the number of features and functions.

Garden Wildlife

Given that a lot of mammals will visit your garden at dusk, night, or early morning you should look for a camera with low light or infrared capabilities. Mount the camera at or near the eye level of any animals you believe may be visiting the garden. You never know what you might capture and that’s part of the fun of trying this out.  Often it’s just the neighbourhood cats or squirrels, but urban foxes are common and if you’re really lucky you might see badgers or even deer.

Exterior Security

The design of any garden camera includes weatherproofing for outdoor use. This makes these devices useful for all forms of exterior surveillance. Some common uses include surveillance of access points like doors and windows or monitoring valuable items such as garden art or even vehicles parked in the drive. The range of the wireless signal limits the placement of the camera to areas close to the wireless router.

Security Cameras and Law Enforcement

Garden cameras, when used as a

, may provide recorded evidence of a problem or crime. Unless you happen to be monitoring the camera at the time of the incident you’re not likely to be aware of the crime until you return home. The recorded video may serve as evidence in a prosecution and for this reason home security cameras are very popular with the Police.  Garden cameras used in this manner should be camouflaged or installed in a secure housing to prevent damage by vandalism and criminals who don’t want to be filmed for obvious reasons.

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