Redspan provides Google Adwords campaign management.  Tell us what your trying to achieve through advertising online and we’ll set up and manage a Google Adwords campaign that will help to meet those objectives.

If you are already familiar with Google Adwords then contact us for a no obligation quote.

If you’d like to know more then read on.  Below is a brief summary of just some of the ways in which Adwords can help your business.

How Google Ads can help your business

A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.

~ Henry Ford

Google Adwords can help gain the attention of internet users who are actively searching for the products and services you offer. You’re probably familiar with this already if you’ve searched for anything on Google.

When you go to Google and enter a search term in order to find information, a local supplier, business, or shop the results you see on the Google page are in three main areas:

  1. Several Ad links at the top of the page
  2. Several Ad links at the bottom of the page
  3. The organic results between the top and bottom links

Depending on what you search for you might also see a block of shopping links.

Organic Search Results through SEO

The main area comprises what are know as organic results i.e. sites that Google has determined are a close match to the search term. It works out which sites to show using a series of algorithms and shows results in a descending order of rank. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the name given to the processes involved in improving your site’s organic ranking for any given search terms or keywords.

However, although SEO is very important and should be given plenty of attention during the design and ongoing updates to your website it can be a time consuming process. It can take weeks or months for SEO changes to have any effect on your site’s ranking and in that time you may have missed the opportunity for exposure to new customers.

Build good quality, relevant websites

Our advice when it comes to SEO is to build and maintain stable, secure websites containing original and relevant content, and update the site with fresh content each month at least. Ensure the site is simple to navigate for the visitor and make sure your code is as clean and as error free as possible.

Do not be tempted to cut any corners or use an unethical practices. Google’s algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can spot sites that are trying to increase their organic ranking through artificial means. Such sites can be penalised with lower rankings or worse.

SEO is about attention to detail and many businesses simply don’t have the time to attend to this even if they’re certain of what to check. If you’d like an audit for your site with recommendations for improvement please contact us for a quote.

Google Adwords Campaign Management: Advantages

Whether you have local business, shop, or online business Google Adwords has many distinct advantages over other forms of advertising. It can be tailored to suit your business based on all kinds of criteria ensuring your ad is only displayed when it has the best chance of being exposed to people who are actively looking for what you’re selling or providing.

Let’s look at an example. Consider these search terms:

  • aerial photography – someone is looking for general information about aerial photography. Is this person looking for information about the history of aerial photography or the modern use of camera equipped drones?  At this stage it’s hard to tell if this is a potential customer for a business offering aerial photography.
  • aerial photography Hampshire – the fact that someone has used a location suggests that this searcher may be looking for a company in that area with a view to booking a task.
  • roof inspections with drones – this term also suggests that the searcher is looking for someone who can provide the service.
  • aerial photography drones for sale – this term suggests that the person is considering buying a drone and perhaps doesn’t need the services of a company that offers aerial photography.

Try entering the term aerial photography Hampshire in Google yourself and you’ll see results similar to ones displayed in the snapshot below.

Options for Marketing

If you have such a business that could provide the service that the search term suggests is being sought then you could spend £500 on an advert in a local magazine or journal, but the people who buy and read that magazine are not all looking for aerial photographers. In fact, you cannot be sure that anyone reading it is looking for your services at the time they see your advert, even if they notice it at all.

You gamble your £500 on the chance that the right people will see the advert at the right time and there’s a distinct possibility that you might not get a single response from it.

Google Adwords allows businesses to create adverts that appear only when certain criteria are met. It can be configured so that your advert only appears when someone enters a specific search term and to remain hidden when the other examples listed above are used. In this way your ad has a greater chance of being seen by your potential customers.

Let us help you to attract new customers and build your brand

We would start by asking you to describing your goals.  What do you want to achieve?  How will you know when you’ve achieved it?  We will compare this information with the pages on your websites and create a campaign based on those objectives.

Your particular marketing objectives may include one or more of the following:

  • Increasing the number of visitors to your website
  • Increasing the number of visitors who visit your site and who subsequently take some action e.g. fill out a form or subscribe to a mailining list
  • Increasing the number of sales from your website
  • Raising awareness of your brand

Google Adwords allows you to tailor your adverts to suit each of these goals and, just as importantly, it provides vital information on the results of each campaign.

Control over your advertising budget

Half my advertising is a waste – I just don’t know which half

~Henry Ford

Google Adwords also allows you to control your advertising budget. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you decide on how much you’re willing to spend on each of those clicks. You also decided on a daily budget that cannot be exceeded so even if all the criteria for displaying your advert is met frequently you won’t go over budget by getting too much response.

So your £500 budget allocated to a month long campaign could expose your advert on a daily basis to hundreds of potential customers who are using search terms that are a strong indication that they are looking for what you provide and in a specific area.

These are just a few of the ways in which a Google Adwords campaign can be tailored to your business. There are many more and we would determine which ones to use based on your business type and your goals.

We can set up and manage your campaign, test it, monitor it, and subsequently optimise it with minor changes based on the results obtained to ensure that your budget is spent with the greatest chance of reaching new customers.

If you already have a campaign set up then we can take over the management of it and optimise it for success.

Prices and Payments

If you’ve chosen us to set up and manage your Google Adwords campaign we will ask you to subscribe to the service.  The monthly fee will be a combination of your monthly Adwords budget plus our management fee.

The management fee will vary according to the complexity of your campaign so it will be determined when we finalise the plan, but as a guide price consider a fee of £300 for the first month to cover the cost of setting up the campaign.  So you first monthly subscription will be (Budget for Adwords + Management Fee) + VAT.

The monthly management fee is then likely to reduce over time assuming the campaign only needs to be monitored and optimised with minor changes each month. The campaigns can be paused or ended at any time accordingly.

Subscriptions are payable monthly in advance.  We offer a 3% discount for clients who pay six months in advance.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion.  Tell us about your business and we’d be glad to explain who a Google Adwords campaign can help it to grow.