Indoor Wireless IP Cameras

Indoor wireless IP cameras a standard security feature in most home and office security installations these days. The prices have come down significantly over the years, and these cameras are now not only affordable, but also incredibly easy to set up and use. The technology has become so advanced that an indoor IP wireless camera can be accessed from virtually anywhere via the internet.

The Technology

A standard indoor IP wireless camera is hardly bigger than your fist and provides up to 300° pan and 120° tilt control. These cameras are very easy to install and feature a user-friendly interface, 2-way audio monitoring, and superior audio recording capabilities. Forget the grainy security footage of the past; these cameras have high quality lenses that can match or exceed web cams and handheld cameras in image quality.

IP wireless cameras are Wi-Fi enabled. That is, they can be operated and accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This is a revolutionary technology which makes it possible to closely monitor your home or office from anywhere on earth.

The Advantages of a Wireless Camera

1. Anywhere Access via Wi-Fi
The biggest advantage of a wireless camera is Wi-Fi access from virtually anywhere on earth. The camera hooks on to your home or office Wi-Fi connection, just like a regular computer or smartphone. Once the camera is online, you can access it from anyplace that has an internet connection. You can control its pan and tilt, set up motion detection alarms, and see whatever the camera sees. With a wireless camera, you can be away for long periods from home/office and not worry about theft.

2. Motion Detection Alarms
Most indoor IP wireless cameras are equipped with motion detection capabilities. If it detects any motion, such as a thief trying to break into your home/office, it will take a picture automatically and notify you via email (some models can even send text messages). This is a powerful feature, as you can not only see if there is any threat, but also check for false alarms.

3. Save Money on Insurance
Equipping your home an IP wireless camera surveillance system can cut down on your home, home contents, or car insurance. Insurers understand that a security system makes your house a less vulnerable target for theft, and adjust the insurance rate accordingly.

4. Affordable in the Long Run
At more than £135, wireless cameras aren’t exactly cheap, but the savings in the long run, especially on insurance and reduced theft risk, are significant enough to make them a worthwhile investment. The three major brands, Y-cam, Storage Options and Edimax all have products in the £89-249 range.

5. Monitor Children, Elderly and Pets
Wireless cameras also make a great tool for monitoring your kids or pets when you are away from home. Simply log into the wireless camera from your computer (or even smartphone) and watch over your kids, elderly and pets for their safety. You can also monitor the performance of your babysitter or housekeeper from afar.

Indoor IP wireless cameras are affordable and incredibly useful when used in a surveillance system around the house. They can reduce theft risk drastically and help you keep tabs on your house, pets, kids and elderly, while helping you save costs on insurance simultaneously.

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