Unlike conventional webcams which require a connection to a computer at all times IP cameras can operate independently as airfield webcams providing high quality, real time views of parks, race courses, airfields and any other outdoor area.

IP Cameras as Airfield Webcams

The can act as stand alone devices recording imagery and sound to an SD card, just like a wildlife trail camera, or they can transmit the data to a storage device located elsewhere on the airfield. All that is needed is a connection to a broadband router. This connection can be wired, wireless or using PoE (Power over Ethernet).

With such cameras installed you can publicise your venue or event by feeding this view to a link on your website and encourage repeat visitors and generate a buzz in social media by giving potential visitors or customers this remote viewing facility.

Give pilots who are considering a visit to your airfield the option to check the weather on laptops, tablets or mobile phones by providing a view of your airfield’s skyline. There is nothing like seeing for yourself (after checking TAFs and METARs of course!). IP cameras at airfields can provide a remote check of the actual weather while still functioning as security cameras pointing at aircraft parked outside and any ancillary structures and buildings.

Indoor IP cameras in hangars can complete the security coverage by being configured for motion detection within the hangar and alerting staff to potential intruders while recording the events in clear HD images and video. The owners and operators of airfields and remote airstrips that do not have personnel on site at all times can be be assured of increased security at their premises using modern IP cameras that act as vandal resistant deterrents while being alerted by email should any motion be detected.

A quick check on a mobile phone or PC will reveal if the trigger was an intruder or some other event such as a bird, small mammal, or falling object. Whatever the cause the airfield staff can then take the appropriate action while the camera continues to record the event collecting valuable footage that can result in the arrest and prosecution of any offenders.

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