Our Press Release to Video Service is a quick and easy way to get your message out to a much wider audience than simply submitting your release to one of the many press release directories. The power of video can transform a press release into a much stronger tool for promotion.

Have you ever spent hours preparing a carefully crafted press release (or paid someone to do so for you) and wondered why you bothered?

Have you ever launched a release with a rush of enthusiasm only to feel deflated and despondent days later?

Every day thousands of press releases are submitted to distribution networks which publish them on hundreds of PR sites. The dream of everyone sending out their release is that journalists will treat them like nuggets of gold and seize them without hesitation.  The website will receive a spike in visits, the phone will ring, and business (and your brand) will get a boost.

All too often though, these seeds are scattered to the four winds and fail to germinate. Far too few are found, fewer still are read, and no one clicks on the link to your website.  

The sites that publish them most often contain the noindex and nofollow tags in their HTML coding, instructing Google not to follow links to websites. So the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) value of your published press release is zero.  It doesn’t boost your site’s rankings and it doesn’t drive traffic to your door. Your time or money, or perhaps both, has been wasted.

Press Release To Video

However, there is another way of putting this effort to good use. Send us your press release and we’ll turn it into a video.  Send  any images or video clips you have (to which you own the copyright) and we’ll include them too.

Once the video is complete and uploaded to YouTube we’ll optimise it for certain keywords, including your business name, brand, and other relevant phrases.  The finished video will now have some SEO juice, can be found in a new medium, where it can be found by Google and YouTube searches.

It will also be shared with relevant hashtags on social media and generate interaction with your audience in the comments section.  It will remain there indefinitely for others to find and share, or to embed in their websites.

With your press release turned into a video its content is far more likely to be seen and heard by your intended audience on a variety of platforms. It can also be shared by you (or anyone else who feels so inclined) into social media and by email.

The description area below the video can be used for adding calls to action, links, affiliate links etc. The video can also generate customer engagement and possible leads by virtue of the comments below the video.

We can send you a copy of the completed video file to use as you see fit. You could for example embed it in your website or upload it to social media (instead of sharing the link).

Price: £69

Terms (The Not So Small Print)

  • No press releases longer than 1,000 words in total.
  • Any images or video you supply must come with evidence that you own the rights to use them in a video.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any press release (unlikely, but it has to be said).
  • Price includes the opportunity to review draft video.