Here are our guide prices for video adverts.  If you have specific requirements then let us know and we’ll quote according to your specifications.  

We specialise in aviation (manned & unmanned) but we can accommodate any business.

For example, we have made videos for renewable energy companies, online dating businesses, and holistic therapy practitioners.

Discounts are available for repeat orders.  All our videos are carefully optimised to maximise the SEO and ranking potential.

If you don’t like the sound of our resident voiceover artist’s voice (Ben Lovegrove) we can offer you the auto voice feature (see below*).

Premium Service – Red Leader

Human narrated video of up 5-10 minutes.

  • With your script – £349
  • Script written for you – £399

Red Leader Example:

Standard Service – Red Kite

Human narrated video of up to 5 minutes.

  • With your script – £249
  • Script written for you – £299

Red Kite Example:

Starter Service – Red Robin

Auto-voice* narrated video of up to 5 minutes.

  • With your script – £149
  • Script written for you – £199

*About the auto-voice feature

  • Auto-Voice are AI generated voices that are very realistic.  
  • There are 14 Auto-Voice options; 6 American (3 male, 3 female), 4 British (2 male, 2 female), and 4 Australian (2 male, 2 female).
  • The speed of the speech can be altered to suit the message.

USA Female Auto-Voices

USA Female Auto-Voices: Heidi
USA Female Auto-Voices: Anna
USA Female Auto-Voices: Olivia

USA Male Auto-Voices

USA Male Auto-Voices: Luke
USA Male Auto-Voices: Harvey
USA Male Auto-Voices: Oscar

UK Female Auto-Voices

UK Female Auto-Voices: Isla
UK Female Auto-Voices: Kate

UK Male Auto-Voices

UK Male Auto-Voices: Harry
UK Male Auto-Voices: Angus

Australian Female Auto-Voices

Australian Female Auto-Voices: Eva
Australian Female Auto-Voices: Harper

Australian Male Auto-Voices

Australian Male Auto-Voices: Jack
Australian Male Auto-Voices: Flynn

Terms & Conditions

  1. A typical video consists of 600-1000 words and lasts about 3-5 minutes.
  2. All videos are SEO optimised for chosen search terms within YouTube.
  3. Prices include promotion within the Redspan social media accounts.
  4. Clients are encouraged to supply high quality images and video clips.
  5. Royalty free stock images and clips will be used where appropriate.
  6. Clients may elect to purchase additonal stock clips and images.
  7. Clients are supplied with previews of the video and may request changes before they are finalised.
  8. Clients are supplied with a copy of the file(s) of the finalised video.
  9. Clients may make their own arrangements for the publication of the video.
  10. Invoices are due on receipt and are payable before the completed video goes live and files are transferred.

Still unsure? Here are a few reminders:

  • Video advertising is easy and affordable.
  • Video adverts grab attention.
  • Video advertising is versatile.
  • Video marketing will promote your brand.
  • Videos encourage organic growth.
  • Optimised videos can rank higher.
  • Prices for video adverts are likely to rise with demand so book today and get your adverts working for you sooner.

Why you need to use video adverts

Video is HUGE. Most of your potential customers, be they consumers or other businesses, would prefer to watch and listen to a video than read your blog posts.

Money spent on video ads has a much higher ROI than that of other marketing methods.

There are two main ways in which you can make video ads.

  1. Buy a subscription to some new software, work through the tutorials, and generally faff about until you get it right.
  2. Hire someone to do it for you while you get on with what you do best.

Which option you choose will depend on your priorities. If you value your time over your marketing budget then you’ll probably choose option 1. You can spend hours learning how to make videos and it will still cost you a monthly subscription.

Or if you want to save time and outsource the task you’ll go for option 2. It will cost a little more but you’ll save buckets of time.

Large businesses tend to go for option 1 because they can delegate the task to existing staff.

Small to medium sized businesses and solo operators will probably choose option 2 because they are too busy running their businesses to take on yet another regular task.

So if you’ve already decided that option 1 is for you then use this link to access some software that created the video you’re now watching. The link will give you 25% off the subscription price (Disclaimer).

Otherwise scroll up and click the red button to contact us. We can then have a chat about your ideas and how my business may be able to help.

Don’t worry, we won’t give you the hard sell or email you every other day for the next six months. If, having had that first conversation, you decide it’s not for you then you can walk away, but if you decide to go ahead, even if it’s just for one short video and no more, then we’d be glad to help.

Here’s some feedback we received. “Ben has provided a number of videos for us, all of which have been of the highest quality. However, what sets Ben aside is the level of service that he provides. Always available, very responsive and extremely professional.”

If you check the testimonials on the home page or on this page you’ll get an idea of the level of service we provide.