Remote Surveillance Cameras

High-tech security inside an office building or outside a store is so common that it’s almost invisible. Knowing that the parking lot is protected makes your walk to the car safer. Remote surveillance cameras bring these same safeguards to your home and small business, and today’s technology makes them inexpensive and easy to install.

The Basics and The Variables

There are a variety of surveillance systems dedicated to residential and commercial safety, but remote cameras are the most affordable, and installation is simple. Different models and configurations are available, but they all operate on the same principle; a high-quality lens combined with a video system produces a constant record of activity.

The cameras are easy to install at any height or angle so that they provide optimum coverage of large areas or target doorways and sidewalks. The choices in model shapes and colors make the system highly visible to potential intruders or almost unseen as it secretly records activity. The cameras are programmable for a wireless feed to your computer and store backup video in case the camera itself sustains damage.

Technology That’s Easy To Use

Today’s remote surveillance cameras are simple to set up and maintain. Your best choices are web-based systems, as these installations handle the connection from camera to computer with a user-friendly interface. They can be programmed for constant recording or configured for motion activation.

Many models include memory cards and automatic backup, and they allow for playback from any location. Password encryption adds another layer of security, and the systems are compatible with either a PC or a Mac. Mobile phones with an internet connection let you keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere.

The system can be set up to monitor multiple locations from one computer or a cell phone, and the cameras are easy to move and reinstall as your needs change.

Security Outside, Safety Inside

Providing your small business or home with reliable security is the primary reason for installing remote surveillance cameras. They monitor the premises around the clock and when used with other security measures, they allow you to determine if an alarm is real or false. In case of a burglary or home invasion, the events are recorded and provide real-time images that are valuable to law enforcement.

Most insurers offer policy discounts to homes and businesses protected by surveillance cameras. Installing a system can even reduce the cost of your car insurance. The cameras have indoor applications as well; keeping an eye on the house might include looking in on pets left alone or making sure that the babysitter is doing a good job. When the big storm hits and the weather is dangerous, you can check your business for flooding or wind damage without making the drive.

Remote surveillance cameras provide your home and family with dependable security around the clock, night and day. Setting up a system at your business protects valuable property and inventory, and the insurance discounts benefit both residential and commercial policies. Installing a reliable system is an investment in your peace of mind, and that’s an invaluable benefit to your family and your business.

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