We listen to your description of your business and your potential clients and work out which words and phrases would be best used to optimise your site for search engines.  This is the first step in any SEO analysis.

SEO Analysis: Website Assessment

We examine your site and check for errors, omissions and weak spots, and suggest quick and easy fixes that you or your webmaster can amend, or we can make the changes for you.

We analyse your website and produce a report listing the results from the:

  • analysis of your URL relevance to your main keyword
  • analysis of your page title
  • analysis of your page description
  • analysis of your page content
  • analysis of your image ‘alt’ tags
  • analysis of your robots.txt file

SEO Analysis: Keyword Suggestions

Having assessed your site for your main keyword phrase we will suggest more keyword phrases that you could use to bring more traffic to your site.  With the information you provide about your business and the potential customers or clients that you seek to attract we will compile a list of ten keyword phrases that will be used to optimise your site.

New Optimised Code

We’ll send you new optimised code for the META tags that are placed within the HEAD section of web pages.  The META tags are used to display your page title and a brief description.  These are used by search engines for both ranking and display purposes.  These changes can be made by you, by your nominated contractor, or by us.

Getting Your Site Noticed

Once the assessment process is complete and the new META codes are added it’s time to make sure that the search engines (major & minor) are aware of your site and that they have indexed it.  We’ll advise you on how to do this, how to verify your site’s ownership, how to configure your Google My Business profile and how to obtain statistics that reflect how your site is performing.

Social Media

One of the most important parts of any SEO campaign is obtaining links from social media on the one hand and from sites of authority within the same market on the other.  There is no shortcut to doing this and it takes time and persistence. We’ll explain what needs to be done in order to give your site the best chance of receiving the endorsement of customers, visitors and other interested parties.  These links should ideally be placed on social media sites that can positively effect your page range as well as bring you traffic in the form of visitors who are seeking what you have to offer.

SEO Analysis: Statistics and Reports

At regular intervals you’ll receive statistics and reports that will illustrate the effect of the SEO campaign and the steady increase in both ranking and traffic.

SEO Starter Pack: £99.99