SEO can be a bit of a minefield. It can sometimes seem like more of a dark art than an exact science and there are plenty of companies who are all too willing to take your money without delivering the rewards they’ve promised.  We offer SEO for Beginners sessions by phone to talk you through the basics so that you feel more confident in taking things further  yourself.

There are many ways in which you can market a website but it’s still true that internet users will tend to trust those sites that appear at the top of page one of a search engine.

Consider how you use the web.  When you want to find a product or service you might enter a suitable term into Google or another search engine and view the results. You might visit one or a few more of the websites that appear on page one.  The chances that a visitor might continue with the search onto page two and beyond decreases rapidly. Most people will choose one of the first few sites or abandon the search and use another search term.

The aim of SEO then is to put your website at the top of those page one search results for any given keyword term or phrase.  The knack is to choose the right keywords or phrases for which you should optimise your site, but at the same time keeping your content natural. You should create content for your visitors and the organic results will follow, with a little SEO tweaking.

Contact us to arrange a one to one session explaining SEO for Beginners.

Price:  £45 per hour.

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SEO for beginners