SEO PowerSuite – LinkAssistant Review

Every webmaster would like to see his/her site in the top ten results on Google for their chosen keywords or key phrases and they would like that ranking to remain there permanently.

To a greater or lesser degree they work hard to achieve this result because they know that search engines judge a site’s popularity by the amount of other sites that link to it, provided that the content and subject matter of the linking site has something in common with the website in question.  Our LinkAssistant review explains why we use this SEO tool for some of our link building.

Building Backlinks

If you’re trying to build links then LinkAssistant is a tool that will help you to do so in many ways. Even if you start your link building project off with a lot of enthusiasm there’s a good chance the process will wear you down and you’ll grow bored of it, but you should press on because it does eventually work, and you should use a tool that makes the task as painless as possible.

The LinkAssistant SEO tool contains an impressive collection of features that make the job of link building so much easier. Here are a few examples of what the tool can do:

– Find dozens, scores, hundreds, or even thousands of potential link partners by entering a few details and letting the tool do the work. I recommend starting off with a small selection first. Choose high ranking sites that might link back to you.

– Your link partners might one day delete the backlink to you either by accident, in a site re-design, or for some other reason, so it’s important that you keep a check on your partners. The tool can automatically check all those reciprocal links for you and will let you know which are missing.

– Keep a check on your site’s ranking for the key phrases for which you are competing. It will display the results in a numeric or graphical format in a matter of minutes. Check every few weeks and if you’ve done your homework and used the tool wisely then you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of watching your ranking increase.

LinkAssistant has been designed to work on most computers, so whether you’re a Mac, Windows, or Linux user there’s a copy for you. We’d all like to see our sites succeed organically by appearing in the top ten results when people search for a given term. LinkAssistant is a tool that can help you to achieve that ambition.

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