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So you’ve carefully planned, designed your site and added fresh and original content. You’ve persuaded other webmasters to add backlinks to your site using specific anchor texts and your site now ranks reasonably highly, but it’s not doing as well as you had hoped.  Here’s our WebSite Auditor review which lists the reasons why we use this versatile SEO tool.

Perhaps you were ranking high enough to satisfy you or your boss, but lately the visitor numbers have inexplicably dropped and you find yourself looking at Google Analytics results in which the trend is very definitely downwards. What have you missed? Where are your site’s weak areas?

WebSite Auditor aims to answer these questions and more besides. The developers of this tool took on board the fact that Google’s ranking algorithm changes over time and that consequently website owners adjust their sites in order comply with those changes in order to maintain their hard earned high ranking. So far so good, but who has the time and resources to keep up with all these changes?

Even if your company is big enough and rich enough to pay someone or a team of people to keep abreast of all the changes and to work on website development full time, wouldn’t you like to have a tool which automated that kind of research and thereby freed up you or your resources for more creative output? Wouldn’t you rather be creating new content for your site than research algorithms?

WebSite Auditor will examine the top ten ranking sites for your chosen keywords and report back to you with the information it has gathered by creating a report which is logically and methodically laid out. You’ll then be able see why those sites are in the top ten while yours is still on page two of the results. The tool presents you with the tips and changes you can make to your site to push it on to page one. Think of this tool as your own SEO consultant, but at the fraction of the price of a human SEO specialist.

WebSite Auditor will suggest all kinds of changes that will improve your site’s ranking for a given keyword or phrase. These include the keyword density on your homepage, the text in your headlines, the alternative text in your image code, and other tweaks that may see minor but which all add up to improved rankings. It will highlight the problem areas and point out the mistakes you’ve missed. It’s a fresh pair of eyes that sees what you’ve overlooked and probably knows more about what works and what is wasted effort. It tells you when you’ve done too little or too much and advises you on how to get the balance just right.

You don’t need to be an HTML guru either. This tool has been designed in such way that bloggers, small business website owners, copywriters and anyone else who uses websites and blogs (but who doesn’t know much about the code that creates them) can put the suggestions it makes into practice and thereby bring their sites to the attention of their target audiences.

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