Short Promo Video Clips

Attention Grabbing Video Clips

You’ve probably seen short promo video clips on Instagram or Facebook and wondered how they’re made.  Well, wonder no more.  Just tell us what you want.  We can make one or as many as you like.  We have a vast library of high quality video clips covering every business or human activity you can imagine.  We also have access to hundreds of music clips to set the right mood for your video.  Here are two we made earlier.  Obviously these are for aviation but the format is the same whatever  your business and promotion idea i.e. three frames

  1. First frame: opening headline and sub text
  2. Second frame: additional headline and sub text
  3. Third frame: your logo and website/contact details

Prices start at just $26 USD or £19.99 GBP per clip.Just let us know if you want your clip in wide, square, or mobile format.Enquire now.  Contact us for a no-obligation chat.