Are you hoping to use social media as tool for growing your business, contacting customers, and expanding your brand?  Perhaps you’ve already tried without much success.  Have you considered outsourcing social media campaign management?  Perhaps we can help take off that load and help your business to grow.

Getting to grips with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn takes time and effort. Perhaps this is time you don’t have so spare.  Perhaps your time is taken up with the day to day running of your business and doing what you know best.

Without the adequate know-how you might just waste time, but it’s also possible that you could damage your brand by leaving accounts unused and by sending out the message that you are not approachable and you don’t respond.

Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Not every business needs to possess all possible social media accounts.  It may be enough for you to have just two or three.  It depends on several things:

  • Your business goals (short term)
  • Your business goals (long term)
  • Your type of business and products
  • How you want to interact with customers
  • How you want to offer support
  • How you want to advertise

If you’re a solo operator like a plumber or gas engineer you’re unlikely to need Pinterest, but you might need a Facebook page. Having put together a professional looking page you might want to invest in some Facebook advertising.

This is particularly good for targeting people in a specific geographic location and it’s ideal for businesses that offer a service in a local area.

We can set that up for you, tailor it to your business, and stick to a monthly budget.  You’ll never spend more than you budgeted and you’ll only pay for traffic from people who fit the demographic.

Social Media Campaign Management – done for you

Our social media campaign management includes these steps:

  • An audit of your current accounts (if any),
  • A review of your business goals
  • Setting up the appropriate accounts
  • Tailoring the design of profiles and pages to suit your business
  • Using those accounts to attract new leads, interact with customers, and respond to enquiries

Review our social media packages now and then contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your social media campaign management.  We’ll help you to market your company to the online audience.