Too much to do? We have several social media packages designed to relieve of the burden of those daily updates and engagement. Nothing says ‘don’t bother‘ more than an unused business social media account that was opened in the first rush of enthusiasm only to remain dormat months later. You can hear the tumble weed blowing through the account as the world moves on, but help is at hand.

Subscribe to one of our social media packages and we’ll create an effective social media strategy based on your business objectives.  Send us a message now and we can have a short, no-obligation chat and answer any questions.

Social Media Packages & Prices

Social Media Packages






Account Creation
Included with this packageIncluded with this packageIncluded with this package
Spam MonitoringIncluded with this packageIncluded with this packageIncluded with this package
Follower EngagementIncluded with this packageIncluded with this packageIncluded with this package
Monthly AnalysisIncluded with this packageIncluded with this packageIncluded with this package
Quarterly ReviewsIncluded with this packageIncluded with this packageIncluded with this package
Content CurationIncluded with this packageIncluded with this package
Content CreationIncluded with this package
Updates Per Week
Number of Social Media Accounts23Up to 8

Included in all social media packages

Social Media Packages
  1. Social media audit

    We start by assessing your current social media accounts, if any.

  2. Brand audit

    We check what impact your brand has made online. Who is talking about your company? What are they saying?

  3. Which accounts are right for your business?

    We’ll work out which social media accounts are ideal for your business objectives.

  4. Social media marketing strategy

    We’ll work out a strategy designed to meet your business goals.

  5. Consistent identity and design

    We’ll advise on any changes required to bring your accounts into alignment.

  6. Account Security

    We’ll suggest measures for maintaining security and password management.

  7. Implementing the plan

    Once we have completed the preceding steps we’ll start posting on your social media accounts, sharing both your own content and curated content of interest to your target market.

  8. Engagement and interaction

    We will monitor and respond to reactions to your postings, passing on leads, support requests, and feedback to you.

  9. Monitoring and measuring

    Month by month we will measure the effect of the campaign and keep you informed of progress.

  10. Periodic reviews

    Every three months we will review the marketing campaign, discuss progress, and suggest changes.

Using Social Media Packages

Social media is a hungry beast that never loses its appetite. The right accounts for any business will depend very much on what that business is providing and which social media platforms are used by the business’s target audience.

For some business owners there’s no substitute for doing it all themselves. For example, they want to be the face and the voice on Instagram and it’s right that they should be. Nothing provides authenticity more than the personal touch that draws followers in and keeps them interested.

However, this doesn’t suit everyone nor every business. A technology or any kind of IT business might want to use social media as a means to convey news about emerging trends or innovations within a sector of industry. For this type of company there’s no need to have the personal and intimate posts and stories that are so popular on Instagram.

Some business owners retain a personal social media presence and a separate account for the business itself, thus enabling them to maintain the personal touch while adding more newsworthty content in the business account.

Terms and Conditions

No long term binding contracts

You can cancel the subscription at any time and it will expire at the end of that month.  However, in order for a marketing campaign to have any chance of making an impact you should plan for at least 4-6 months.


Payments can be made monthly by standing order or PayPal.


You’ll provide the logos, images, and any other artwork for your accounts and we’ll create the headers etc with what you provide.  You may have created them in-house or outsourced this task to a graphic designer.

We can provide images for this purpose for a small supplemental charge to cover the cost of researching and acquiring stock images and for creating headers and other graphics.

We want you to succeed

It’s in our own best interests to help your business to grow.  Our satisfaction is seeing you succeed thanks in part to our efforts. If we do a good job then you’ll stick with us for longer and our good reputation will grow.